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  • verb

Synonyms for assure



promise to


  • promise to
  • pledge to
  • vow to
  • guarantee to
  • swear to
  • attest to
  • confirm to
  • certify to
  • affirm to
  • give your word to
  • declare confidently to

Synonyms for assure

to cause (another) to believe or feel sure about something

Synonyms for assure

make certain of

inform positively and with certainty and confidence

assure somebody of the truth of something with the intention of giving the listener confidence

Related Words

make a promise or commitment

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So to assure that there is consistent application--which is particularly key during the summer, when high ambient temperatures can cause the sealant to melt and possibly leave gaps in the seam--a system employing two DVT Legend 530 cameras, a SmartLink, brick lights, and a back light was engineered.
The check assures that all of the components are present and that the insert isn't installed upside down.
Overall, because of the relatively high variation in patient costs, cost forecasting is one of the few ways that a SNF can both protect itself against unanticipated and uncompensated expense and improve efficiency of patient management to assure margins.
The selector must rely on advice and reliable testing from the technical staff to assure the product will sustain the desired number of network users without a significant drop in response time.
Successful engineers on a facility team make sure that selected systems fit in with long-term goals and corporate standards; assure systems are safe and installed to code; verify material is cost-efficient without sacrificing quality; and report on progress and financial considerations to the facility manager.
By working together, the supervisor and analyst can assure that a fair and equitable standard is set.
Assure Threat Defense has been designed to offer organizations world class resistance to address the constantly evolving threat landscape.
Assure Blood Glucose Meters are backed by the Assure Brilliance program - a comprehensive service program from the leaders of diabetes management in long term care.
Assure Blood Glucose Meters are backed by the Assure[R] Brilliance program - a comprehensive service program from the leaders of diabetes management in long term care.
GEOCAN and Assure are Calgary, Alberta, Canada based crude oil and natural gas exploration, development, and production companies.
The company offers pet owners who enroll in the comprehensive Pet Assure program a 25% discount on veterinarian services and most prescription medicines at participating veterinary practices throughout the United States.
As wine lovers have embraced direct-to-consumers sales, retailers have taken all the precautions possible to assure sales are not made to minors.
Certification Program Designed to Assure Highest Quality Business Rules Skills and Successful Customer Implementations
Infogix provides Information Integrity solutions to assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of a business enterprise's information.