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Our perception of the global crisis is that it won't affect Turkey's tourism industry -- assumingly it will create new opportunities for this market.
Using RRM postulates, a computationally identified characteristic frequency for a protein functional group can be used to calculate the wavelength of applied irradiation [lambda] which assumingly would activate this protein sequence and modify its bioactivity
This is because achieving such a drop within a period of less or not more than 5 years efforts, would assumingly involve changing culture and attitudes towards the practice: a situation which cannot possibly be effected within such short period of time.
This summit must assumingly be an occasion for solidarity and an end to collapses and breaches as a prerequisite to salvation.
negative auxiliary verbs) with a back-vocal stem + (*)k can assumingly be derived from the Altaic (Mongolic and Turkic) negation words.
Pedagogical practices of adult learners allude to the fact that adults learn best at their own pace and assumingly, in their own space.
You say that Britain's membership of the EU has brought many millions, assumingly pounds,not dollars or euros,into the regions that the British Government would never have been able to generate.
The translated report said he had died eight hours earlier and added: 'The deceased carried a rope around his neck and died in the house assumingly due to personal tension or other causes unknown.
It is no secret that the Nexus line of devices is adored by power Android users, who assumingly regard the hardware as a major plaything.
This complex chain of processes thus acts as a positive feedback mechanism that could explain why assumingly too small variations in solar activity have caused regional climate changes.
Also, how about those elected for the National Assembly, who should, assumingly, make the value of election as real and affective as possible?
And in the same report, G4Games stated that the starting price for the iPhone 6 is around $848 for the 32GB and over $1000 for the 64GB option, which assumingly are sticker prices for the unlocked models.
That means that matters such as restructuring the state, cultural rights, foreign policy, development projects, and the like, are assumingly consistent with the fact of our being history.