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It is rhetoric historically used to dehumanize a small sector in society while assuaging the guilt of the majority as it denies rights and privileges.
In all three cases, the assuaging was momentary, though satisfying.
The perennial problem of assuaging the need for urban green space and car parking is ingeniously solved in this scheme by Andreas Christo-Foroux for a site in Paris.
I cannot hear the wind's shuffle of leaves, the warblers' return from balmy exile, the flute of thrush's evening song assuaging.
Q It just says it's going to be important and useful in assuaging.
So far, the political leadership seems fixated on assuaging these concerns by granting the city's 9,000 officers a three-day or perhaps four-day workweek.
Beyond the obvious users who will certainly benefit from keeping their digital images safe, the security of personal photos has always been a major concern for many photographers, and this solution certainly moves towards assuaging their needs.