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I doubt the 750,000 Palestinians, driven from their homes for the new state, created largely to assuage European guilt at the obscenity of the holocaust, will be celebrating.
Dear Editor, As I was writing a cheque to the Jubilee Debt campaign in response to their appeal, the man on the radio was talking about our guilt over the slave trade 200 years ago, and it came to me that the obvious way to assuage our guilt and apologise would be to cancel all Third World debts now and set those people free from the slavery of debt.
Four recipients of the ad complained to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, with three of them being awarded $5,000 each and the fourth $2,500 to assuage their hurt feelings.
The deal with the ACS could do something to assuage concerns among some downtown landlords that the millions of square feet of development planned for the World Trade Center site will have a deleterious effect on the Lower Manhattan office market.
This spring, as Americans paid upward of $3 a gallon to fill their gas tanks, Congress scrambled for quick fixes to assuage angry voters.
Fewer now, but tranquil lanes remain as balm to assuage life's pains.
The Catholic Church tried to assuage such fears but couldn't defeat the images of ``Rosemary's Baby'' and the original ``Omen'' that were being broadcast.
11, John Pistole, deputy director of the FBI met with a group of Muslim Americans in Washington to assuage their concerns, The New York Times reported.
On the one hand, she uses Suren as her touchstone to paint pictures of a social and cultural elite infringing sexual mores, as if savoring the flavor of dystopia Goring read into Mensch und Sonne, but on the other hand, she capitalizes on Suren to shrewdly reflect on the way reality can be manufactured to assuage a constituency.
The only way for Bush to assuage his embarrassment was to spend other people's money by the billion.
After a business meeting in the World Trade Center on September 11 abruptly ends Schell's life, Oskar, desperate to hang onto his dad and assuage his own pain, devises a strange quest that sends him hunting across the City's five boroughs for two years, searching for clues to his father's last moments.
This new diktat may up its CSR credentials among consumers but it does nothing to assuage the uneasy feeling many have about its power.
Bush Administration reportedly working to assuage sugar interests: The Bush administration andcongressional supporters of the Central American Free Trade Agreement reportedly are reviewing waysto make CAFTA more "sugar friendly.
Convinced of how unjustly and unfairly they had treated blacks, he writes, "Americans were determined to assuage and compensate for [the past].