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Synonyms for assorted

Synonyms for assorted

Synonyms for assorted

consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds

of many different kinds purposefully arranged but lacking any uniformity


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4 Referring to Diagram IV, join white dot C, white dot D, assorted print D, white dot E and white dot F to make Block Z.
75, and some 20 assorted Bic cristal ball pen and four pieces of Evolution pencils cost QR14.
One small deli tray with assorted meats (salami, turkey, ham etc - on ice).
As part of the new EAP requirement, office buildings are obligated to conduct assorted drills so tenants are aware of their obligations and responses to different types of emergencies, building safety systems and exit procedures in their buildings.
She travels the length of the country with assorted animal actors in her car or trailer and hopes they perform well at the required moment.
For example, the pAC3 gene, a vector commonly used to clone DNA fragments, has been cited 59 different ways in assorted research papers.
In form and content, the Dome has an obvious precedent in Ralph Tubbs' Dome of Discovery, which introduced assorted marvels of the emerging technological age to a grateful nation during the 1951 Festival of Britain.
The heated arguments (I would say overheated) between the tough editors of October, and assorted other contenders are presented in Sandler's summary with considerable attention to the opinions of Rosalind Krauss, one of October's most visible editors and a formidable rhetorician.
Devon Medical, a member of the Devon International Group, and Safe Medical Solutions will market NeedleZap(R) in conjunction with Devon Medical's line of FDA-cleared assorted hypodermic and insulin syringes.
Lori used assorted blue and green batiks that bring to mind the warm clear waters of the tropics.
com)-- Assorted Design is proud to announce they have retained Gigi's Cupcakes Tampa as a social media management client.
good through February 7, featured such offers as store-brand water, assorted varieties, 24- or 28pack, 16.
For another easy-do centerpiece, arrange assorted colored flowers in a low, tight design, placing the stems directly in the flesh of a small watermelon half.
Elastoplast water resistant, 20 assorted, pounds 2.