assortative mating

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mating of individuals having more traits in common than likely in random mating

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The simple two-sided model adds the assortative mating prediction that the more risk averse also marry the more risk averse.
Assortative mating was defined as like-with-like pairing to overcome the problem of defining species status (Randler 2008).
The researchers not only found similar ancestry patterns between the pairs of spouses, they also found the imprint of many generations of such assortative mating in the genomic architecture within each individual.
These studies have not paid attention to assortative mating per se, focusing instead on earnings of husbands in the single versus married state.
The issue of positive versus negative assortative mating has attracted attention from demographers, psychologists, sociologists, and economists alike (e.
Aechmophorus grebes at the current levels of intermediates and assortative mating still provide sufficient confidence for conferring species status to both.
This finding is consistent with positive assortative mating on labor force volatility, and suggests that the observation of a behavioral added worker effect in the simple descriptive statistics is mostly spurious.
Sexual size dimorphism and assortative mating in the Dunlin Calidris alpina schinzii in southern Sweden.
Negative assortative mating occurs such that >95% of pairs comprise one bird of each morph (Lowther 1961, Falls and Kopachena 1994, Houtman and Falls 1994).
Where song provides cues used in female mate choice, it can lead to assortative mating and promote speciation (Slabbekoom and Smith 2002).
In "Marry your like: assortative mating and income inequality" (National Bureau of Economic Research working paper 19829, January 2014), authors Jeremy Greenwood, Nezih Guner, Georgi Kocharkov, and Cezar Santos find that assortative mating is important for income inequality, and that income inequality in the United States has increased since 1960, in part because of more women entering the workforce.
This indicates that patients with bipolar disorder might tend to choose partners who also suffer from mental illness, a pattern known as assortative mating.
Aggregation formation and assortative mating in two meloid beetles.
The research team found that pleiotropy and assortative mating were about equally responsible for the genetic connection between height and IQ.