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characterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination

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Theorem's Multi-CAD solution can be run on the fly from within the V5 or V6 interface or batch processed for improved efficiency with large volumes of data for tighter integration and closer associativity.
algebra, and strong associativity of group algebras ([3], [12]).
Associativity allows a user to modify a job's geometry or machining parameters and immediately get an accurate, updated toolpath.
Once the sketch is complete, the resulting wire-frame data uses its associativity to interrogate the underlying surface data when creating run-off and draft surfaces, etc.
After reviewing several 3D packages, TomoTherapy selected SolidWorks mechanical design software because of its ease-of-use, large assembly capabilities, associativity, 3D visualization features, and large number of tightly integrated add-on products for animation, rendering, finite element analysis, etc.
The modified nonverbal task and the associativity of length task investigated the quality of students' structures of organizing activity by noting the complexity of grouping relationships abstracted among and between object sets (i.
SURFCAM's powerful associativity enables NC programmers to open native SolidWorks 2013 files directly into SURFCAM 6, completely eliminating the translation process.
Its work includes lines such as institution building, installation and maintenance of crops such as cocoa and coffee, female participation, leverage resources to improve social and economic infrastructure, communications for behavioral change, technical assistance (FFS), associativity and marketing, and capacity building to enhance organizational capacity and community management.
The Multi-CAD application system has integrated functionality including associativity between users of different systems and a geometric checking and validation process to ensure the integrity of the data is preserved when brought into the system and exported.
We recognize the value of SimLab's technology, especially for customers who benefit from CAD associativity.
The single-window user interface and associativity between the CAD model and NC tool path provides a short learning curve according to the manufacturer, and an efficient flow from the 3D design model to the machined part.
This product provides two-way associativity between dimensioning and tolerancing annotations, geometrical elements, and features.
announces that its fluid flow--analysis software now includes full CAD/CAE associativity supported by the capability to produce fast, hybrid (bricks on the model surface and tetrahedral inside) FEA (finite-element analysis) meshes for fluid domains defined in the leading CAD solid modelers.
Used together with precision shape modeling, this associativity makes it simple to accomplish otherwise extremely complex modifications of models.
SURFCAM's powerful associativity enables programmers to open native SolidWorks 2013 files directly into SURFCAM 6, completely eliminating the translation process.
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