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characterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination

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Intel Saffrons associative memory AI simulates a humans natural ability to learn, remember and reason in real time.
2011-88 which, according to Nadhir Boughanjioua, Director General of the Relationship with Society at the Ministry of Relations with Constitutional Institutions, Civil Society and Human rights, posed several difficulties particularly in terms of the exercise of associative action and the association-administration relationship.
LRU controller Unit when set associative was selected the FSM sending the Read and write data signals for multi sets and the LRU controller unit will indicates which way is least recently used.
In this regard, we must emphasize that although these studies have highlighted the role of BAS on false memory variability, most of them used DRM lists built based upon the forward associative strength (FAS), following Deese's (1959) procedure, to reach this conclusion.
Consequently, Rota-Baxter systems yield pre-Lie and associative algebra structures.
It should be apparent that one of the weaknesses of Mackintosh thesis is that his division between associative learning stance and behaviour analysis may not be underpinned simply by differences in their subject matters.
In other words, they showed learning and memory deficits that were specifically related to associative learning.
One area which has attracted the attention of researchers is the difference between associative and dissociative attentional strategies; a distinction first made in the 1970s [2].
Author Seglow draws on his background in political theory to explore the associative duties that individuals owe to people in close relationships, such as children and parents, as well as other relationships with friends, coworkers, fellow citizens, and the world as a whole.
L'actrice associative marocaine Aicha Ech-Chenna a ete nommee au grade de Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur de la Republique francaise, lit-on au Bulletin officiel francais du 31 mars.
C'est que, en effet, a analyser l'activite associative au Maroc, dans differents domaines d'action, l'on adhere, forcement, a sa dynamique constante, depuis plus de deux decennies, renforcee ces dernieres annees, grace aux larges libertes publiques, conquises dans le cadre du processus democratique en approfondissement.
For the last two decades, one of the questions that has been focus of interest regarding semantic priming is whether priming occurs to the same extent for both associative and semantically related words (see Hutchison, 2003; Lucas, 2000 for reviews).
Cornelius offers Rheolate 299, a highly efficient and strongly shearing thinning associative thickener.
Abstract Associative thickeners represent an important class of rheology modifiers used in waterborne coatings.
Contemporary understandings of fears and phobias have been expanded from the basic Pavlovian conditioning framework to encompass a variety of ways in which associative learning of fears can occur (Field, 2006; Mineka & Oehlberg, 2008).
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