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(psychology) a theory that association is the basic principle of mental activity

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For Fiona Price, Common Sense is at the basis of Elizabeth Hamilton's associationist theory of education, which, governed by a conservative aesthetics, nonetheless manifests a democratizing impulse in its casting of the poor not as subjects but agents, exercising, rather than simply furnishing the material for, aesthetic representation and judgment.
25) This verse states, "Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but an upright monotheist [hanif], one who had surrendered to God [muslim], and he was not one of the associationists.
ASR The pro unionists met with the skateboard manufacturers associationists and the television conglomeratists.
It is thus little surprise that the British Associationists of the eighteenth century, who were influenced primarily by Newton, were more interested in a "mental chemistry" or "mental geography" describing the inter-relations of mental states than in a reduction of the mind to the brain.
His 1814 German work on psychology--Grundriss der empirischen Psychologie (Outline of Empirical Psychology) adhered to Kantian moralism, hut cited materialists such as Helvetius, associationists like Priestley, "sensists" like Dugald Stewart and sceptics like Hume.
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