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(psychology) a theory that association is the basic principle of mental activity

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Solidarity (Solidarismo), charity and associationism, the state's duty to protect the family, the weak and the poor, were constant themes in their propaganda.
These authors also analysed the journalist's attitude towards the young and found out that when issues such as violence are addressed, the journalist's attitude tends to be negative in a high percentage but when speaking of associationism, the attitude tends to be positive.
By contrasting the psychological impact of these dramatic events with the apparently reductive dryness of 21st century formalism, Stafford calls for a richer understanding of formalism that includes the possibility for associationism and Romantic appeals to a primordial fear and response.
He was a capitalist who flirted with Fourier's associationism and published Marx and Engels.
Towards this trend an enormous quantity of studies and experiments have been made, so leading to three fundamental theories about the human learning: the behavior, that is based on the two opposite concepts of the associationism (or stimulus-response theory) and of the globality of the form (or Gestalt theory), the cognitivism or theory of the cognitive discovery and the last one (in a chronological order), that is the theory of the person's evaluation including both the humanistic side and the problem of learning.
Different from the Romantics who used associationism as a way of crossing the bridge from empiricism to transcendentalism, Poe's narrator is being influenced by the imagination of the landscape rather than exerting the shaping power of his own imagination.
Until now, the different instruments proposed for measuring the variable participation have used items that refer to participation in some sort of community activity, associationism, or volunteerism (Sanchez, 1999).
This phenomenon of the aging population has not gone unnoticed in Spanish society, and in recent years social pacts have been made at state and regional levels (National Gerontological Plan, 1992-97; State Council for the Elderly, 1995; Plan of Action for the Elderly, 2000-05; 2003-07), projects and programs (University Programs for the Elderly), with the aim of fomenting social protection, associationism and the participation of the elderly in society.
Unfortunately another important aspect of the 'ideal', the exploration of which would have obviated critical charges of stating the obvious, is also largely missing from this exhibition: the debt that Turner owed to Claude's associationism.
We also analyze some phenomena such as associationism or certain academic initiatives that related to foreign students.
Food transport and commercialization services (an area where grass-root associationism proved particularly feasible and effective in many other countries) should also be liberalized.
For this reason empiricism has always been allied to sensationism and, among British empiricists, to their associationism.
Finally, when Brown adopts the techniques of associationism and cultural allusion Anglo- American tourists so often deploy, he interjects a kind of historical double- consciousness that subtly revises the most common kind of guidebook description.
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