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of or relating to associations or associationism

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Its most logical roost is the cinema, where the earliest filmmakers proved that people tend to think associationally, and much of the important work occurs in the editing room.
The capacity to make a newer or better nature is associationally appropriate to poets, but it is almost literally appropriate to painters.
Your mind spins off into all sorts of only associationally related things.
O'Hara understands, that is, that his psyche lives off the surface of life, associationally, just because, in his deepest center of feeling, he is always only "A Step Away From Them," a step away from the dead he loves, that step being only one step, even though he moves along at such a pace.
About assemblage, Peter Quartermain notes that "its raw materials are often associationally powerful, almost always ready made, and identifiable (nails, dolls' eyes, photographs, dried flowers, old wood).
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