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cortical areas that are neither motor or sensory but are thought to be involved in higher processing of information

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Simon Higgins, the Road Haulage Association area manager for Wales, said his members were not about to embark on militant action.
Although I had never thought of it as a GPS, I did have a faint recollection of an area of the brain in the upper rear known as the orientation association area.
The incident happened in an association area on D wing at Wakefield jail, West Yorks.
Mark's current run of good form continued at the British Show Jumping Association Area 22 show at Rodbaston College in Staffordshire.
In contras-t, adults showed selective activation in the unimodal region of the auditory association area (AA) when processing spoken word forms and selective activation in the unimodal visual areas of fusiform gyrus (FG) when processing written word forms.
Structures in this part of the brain combine to form the orientation association area (OAA), which must constantly generate a clear, consistent awareness of the physical limits of the self in order for us to function without looking like Buster Keaton, always stumbling and collapsing.
The two bids-and any others which surface in time to join the race-will be considered at three Racecourse Association area meetings, beginning when members of the Midlands' region gather at Stratford today.
org, features a link to the International Foodservice Distributors Association area, where news and other items related to foodservice distribution are posted.
The motor association area also provides connections for cranial nerves III, IV, VI, IX, X and XI.
Professional Organizations: American Red Cross Arkansas State Service Council; Arkansas Association Area Agencies on Aging, president; Pine Bluff Leadership Alumni; Chamber of Commerce; National Association Female Executives; Arkansas Transit Association, board member; Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists; Arkansas Seniors Organized for Progress, board member.
Director of Genotyping at CIDR and their CIDR team for nearly three years, and we're thrilled to extend our relationship into the large-scale disease association area.
But Miss Blencowe was also backed to succeed by South Yorkshire Conservative Association area chairman Andy Frith.
On the day he died, August 8, 2004, Adam had rowed with staff member Claire Murray in the association area at Hassockfield Secure Training Centre (STC), Consett, and was lifted by four male care officers and placed face-down in his room.
Chris Fylan, Road Haulage Association area manager for Merseyside, said: "We feel it is unfair that freight and public transport should subsidise each other.
TWO - the alcohol influences the association area of your brain, making you dizzy, less inhibited, slowing your reactions and making you liable to overestimate your skills THREE - most of your brain is under the influence, making you slur, blurring your vision and affecting your co-ordination FOUR to FIVE - your whole brain is drunk, and you might find yourself with double vision, feeling drowsy, losing your balance.
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