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Synonyms for association

Synonyms for association

a group of people united in a relationship and having some interest, activity, or purpose in common

a group of athletic teams that play each other

something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing

Synonyms for association

the act of consorting with or joining with others

the state of being connected together as in memory or imagination

Related Words

the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination

a social or business relationship

a relation resulting from interaction or dependence

Related Words

(chemistry) any process of combination (especially in solution) that depends on relatively weak chemical bonding

(ecology) a group of organisms (plants and animals) that live together in a certain geographical region and constitute a community with a few dominant species

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North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers
Association, California Southern Cities 562/426-8341
American Road and Transportation Builders Association
We have had to change constantly and find better ways to tell the MTNA story, to reach out to new music teachers, and to bring imagination to our programs and services, so that our association advances and so that the music teaching profession remains viable.
In addition, recognizing that the corporate managers needed a range of external resources, services and options to facilitate and actualize their disposition decisions, after a few years of operation the association opened up its membership to representatives from the services and specialty business areas that typically would be involved in surplus asset disposition.
Joint Meeting: The National Association of College and University Business Officers, The Society for College and University Planning, and The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers
In 2001, a mobility agreement dealing mainly with the issue of transferability, known as the Inter Association Mobility Agreement (IAMA), was signed by all the constituent associations of the CCPG.
The Association was initially called the Public Securities Association, reflecting its roots in the U.
Canadian Mental Health Association, Oxford County Branch; www.
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
The Alzheimer's Association is a national voluntary health organization dedicated to advancing research and helping those affected by the disease.
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