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Increased visceral fat is associated with further deposition of fat in the liver and muscle, causing local tissue insulin resistance, as well as a rise in circulating factors that are atherogenic and thrombogenic (eg, free fatty acids, tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] [TNF-[alpha]], interleukin-6 [IL-6], and plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 [PAI-1]), and a decline in factors linked to insulin sensitivity (eg, adiponectin, leptin).
8 billion, operates one depository institution, Associated Bank, National Association ("Associated Bank"), also in Green Bay, with branches in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.
Data suggest that MRSA bacteremia is associated with an increased likelihood of death, longer hospital stays, and increased cost of hospitalization, when compared with bacteremia levels caused by methicillin-susceptible strains.
and Associated firm: Brown & Brown Architects/Work In Progress Citation
Among the firm's roster of clients are such prestigious names as Smith Barney, Dow Jones, Societe Generate, Eastman Kodak, Chase Manhattan Bank, Tiffany, Waterhouse Securities, Instinet, Great Lakes Reinsurance, Associated Press, P.
Orbit Drop provides these products at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a franchise and without the costly overhead associated with the standard eBay drop-off store model.
John Currie, who was most recently non-executive Chairman of Associated Brands Operating Trust, will continue as a trustee of Associated Brands Operating Trust and as a trustee and non-executive Chairman of Associated Brands Income Fund.
Since Rob Dougans joined Associated Brands as President and Chief Executive Officer in May of 2004, he has clearly demonstrated his ability to lead our company forward.
It then examines the less tangible costs such as associated IS support and infrastructure, administration, procurement, document distribution, and management.
Council membership, which is voluntary and has no associated costs, currently includes the following LMS vendors: CyberU, Generation21, GeoLearning, Geometrix, KnowledgePlanet, Learn.
Associated Banc-Corp (NASDAQ:ASBC) will acquire First Federal Capital Corp (NASDAQ:FTFC) under a definitive agreement signed by the two companies yesterday evening.
Associated Banc-Corp (NASDAQ:ASBC) has acquired Jabas Group, Inc.
Enwisen's Employee Resource Center(TM) reduces the overwhelming burdens associated with HR communication, providing a one hundred percent return on investment in less than one year, while also dramatically increasing HR's service delivery to employees and retention of key talent.
Specifically, Abt Associates will provide analytical and technical support to the EPA in its development of regulations, policies, or other guidance associated with the OPC under the authorities of the Clean Water Act and Oil Pollution Act, as well as any new legislation that may be enacted.
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