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a teacher lower in rank than a full professor but higher than an assistant professor

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The term of four representatives of faculty members on the seats of professor, associate professor, assistant professor and lecturer had expired in June 2017.
In publications an Associate Professor on in natural sciences must have minimum 40 papers in ISI Web of Science impact factor (W category) journal having Q1 quartile in category, in Engineering and Medical Sciences minimum 30.
Beginning at LSG Sky Chef's UK headquarters on August 12, 2010, Associate Professor Kongpun and Mr Chumbhot Thitivongse, THAI Airways' Director of In-flight Catering Planning and Control, are undertaking a series of culinary workshops around the world, working closely with LSG's regional station head chefs to further develop and refine Thai and Asian meals within the existing in-flight menu.
Farhana Wazir Khan is Associate Professor at the Department of English, University of Karachi.
It is also timely to acknowledge the contributions to the Editorial Board of Associate Professor Linda Denehy who completed her term of office in December, and Associate Professor Sandy Brauer who has been re-appointed for a further term.
Based on the findings from the verification test, Associate Professor Komura will make a presentation on the practicality of the system at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Disaster Medicine scheduled in February.
Associate Professor, Educational Administration, Department of Educational Leadership, Wright State University.
While demonstrating ballet combinations, Charles Flachs, an associate professor at Mount Holyoke College, makes liberal use of verbal instructions.
Brian Lewis is associate professor of violin at The University of Texas at Austin School of Music, where he is the Fellow to the David and Mary Winton Green Endowed Chair in String Performance and Pedagogy.
According to Hui Zhang, an associate professor of genetics at the Yale University School of Medicine, the paper is highly significant in that it provides a conceptual as well as potential way of treating diseases that contain point mutations through interfering with normal cellular function.
Data analysis indicates that associate professor continuation rates are positively associated with the average level of compensation that associate professors receive.
Lefkowitz also served as general counsel to the New York State Urban Development Corporation (1971-1975), as well as counsel to the New York State Senate Committee on Housing and Urban Development (1976), and he was an associate professor at Columbia University School of Law (1976-1982).
Associate Professor of Public Health at Morgan State University is the Principal Investigator (P.
Froines, director of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of California, Los Angeles; UCLA Associate Professor Michael D.
CHURCH, CPA, PhD, is associate professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.
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