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a degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies

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The number of these hard-earned achievement milestones (both associate degrees and certificates) has actually doubled in the past four years.
Angelo State University Associate Degree Nursing Education Program in San Angelo;
The program begins with completion of an associate degree in nursing at any of the state's seven community colleges and advances through a bachelor's degree in nursing and completion of a master's degree in nursing.
As a former dean of a baccalaureate program that had an RN to BSN tract, I had the opportunity to talk with many diploma and associate degree nurses who wished to obtain the BSN.
Upon successful completion of their associate degree programmes, KIC students will transition into their fifth semester with admittance into a corresponding bachelor degree programme at ADU.
CCQ provides associate degree studies focused on meeting the professional Qatari workforce needs and also seeks to employ professionals qualified, credentialed and committed to the CCQ mission.
As a center study shows, 43 percent of young workers with licenses and certificates earn more than those with an associate degree, 27 percent of young workers with licenses and certificates earn more than those with a bachelor's degree, and 31 percent of young workers with associate degrees earn more than those with a bachelor's degree.
According to the author, the annual earnings of students who attended community college but did not complete an associate degree increase by 5-8 percent for each year of community college completed.
The number of dental hygiene schools offering a bachelor degree is decreasing, while the number of schools offering an associate degree is increasing.
At for-profits, 78% of certificate recipients and 89% of two-year associate degree recipients graduated with federal loan debt.
The approval of Robert Welch University by the state of Wisconsin to offer an online Associate Degree in liberal arts may seem a small step, but it is the culmination of years of planning and effort by RWU's staff.
Leong, president of the Open University of Hong Kong said: "In view of the proliferation of associate degree holders, it is likely that before long more students will want to articulate to a full degree.
The National Network for Pulp and Paper Technology Training builds on the success of the two-year Associate Degree program in Paper and Chemical Technology at ASCC.
Do you have an associate degree, a skill or work experience, and an interest in the Peace Corps?
IN THIS SECOND of a four-part series on changes in the RN workforce, the extent to which the large number of older-aged RN graduates of associate degree programs are a major cause of the rapidly aging RN workforce is discussed.
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