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a degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies

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The Public Associate's sector, which includes both current public, two-year institutions, as well as the predominantly associate's degree institutions, account for three-quarters of all associate's degrees and two-thirds of the short-term (<1 year) certificates.
The number of respondents from the associate's degree group is very low.
Workers with an associate's degree earn about $325,000 more than high school graduates.
The agreement represents the collaborating between the institutions to deliver a seamless career pathway for students from an associate's degree to bachelor's degree.
In contrast, graduates from transfer-oriented associate's degree programs in the job market after completion lag both their peers graduating from technical programs and bachelor's degree graduates.
Washburn, 24, from Orange, received her associate's degree in the biotechnology/biomanufacturing program.
However, after completing her associate's degree at Baltimore City Community College and becoming ADA-certified, she became a Certified Lifestyle Counselor through the American Association of Lifestyle Counselors.
AMT is a two-year program leading to an Associate's degree and eligibility for certification by the Federal Aviation Administration as aviation maintenance technicians with airframe and power plant ratings.
8 million workers with an associate's degree, accounted for about 81 percent of all full-time workers aged 22 to 64.
Reverse transfer policies have potential to increase state associate's degree attainment up to at least 18 percent within only a couple of years, as evidenced by Hawaii," the brief says.
North Grafton: Associate's degree and certificate: Charlene Swalec.
Bartel, a graduate of Lancaster High School, received his associate's degree in mathematics from Antelope Valley College in May 2006.
Launched through two high schools at LaGuardia, the Early College High School initiative creates schools at which students earn a high school diploma and an associate's degree (or up to two years of credits toward a bachelor's degree) in an abbreviated period of time.
Explores impacts on length of time to completion of an associate's degree by variables such as a student's high school GPA, college placement status, transfer credits from other institutions, enrollment status, major, sex, ethnicity, and age.
The campus currently offers twelve associate's degree and nine certificate programs including graphic design, criminal justice, medical assistant, medical insurance coding and billing, paralegal studies and computer forensics.
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