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a degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies

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Southboro: Associate's degree and certificate: Jessica Seiders.
When he graduates with his associate's degree in spring 2007, he also hopes to have obtained three separate state certifications, including the Airframe and Power Plant Certificate for the FAA, which would allow him to work as a flight-line mechanic.
Students will be recognized for earning associate's degrees and certificates in 18 programs including allied health, business, computer technology and law.
The four-year institutions that are not predominantly associate's degree granting account for just over 20 percent of the associate degrees, with proprietary institutions accounting for half of this total.
A typical student's day in an associate's degree program blends theory exploration with experimental study in a science lab environment.
The pie chart of this section examines associate's degree production according to the old categories that distinguish institutions by highest degree offered, as well as containing categories for special focus and other institutions.
BACKGROUND: Homemaker, associate's degree from community college, plus an additional year of college courses.
Units that are completed as part of a transfer plan (the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum or the California State University's General Education Breadth pattern) or associate's degree program for which students received a passing grade will be accepted.
Of the total number, 1,258 offered the associate's degree as their highest degree.
Relevant factors include: the course of study pursued, whether the coursework leads to a certificate, a certificate as part of an associate's degree or noncertificate vocational study.
UAT has developed an associate's degree program in Network Security that is offered 100% online, which complements the campus based bachelor's and associate's degree programs in Network Security.
These days, the market value of an associate's degree weighs in at about $9,000 a year, according to new numbers on educational attainment and earning power from the Bureau of the Census.
The Company's Art Institutes and other schools offer bachelor's degree programs, associate's degree programs and non-degree programs in the areas of design, media arts, culinary arts, fashion and paralegal studies.
She earned an associate's degree at Cumberland County College in Vineland, N.
Census Bureau statistics indicate a 34% lifetime earnings differential for those who have earned a bachelor's degree versus those with an associate's degree.
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