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the county courts of England (replaced in 1971 by Crown courts)

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At the Liverpool Assizes on December 14, the defence pleaded that Catherine had contributed to her own death by carrying the tins on her head.
The term in office of the current Assize court ends on September 9 but the current three members of the court will continue to handle their ongoing cases, CNA reported.
Despite this run of success, Murphy can claim 7lb and teams up with Assizes (2.
Real Deal WITH regards to the chairs, Jeffreys became known as "the hanging judge" for the part he played in the Bloody Assizes, the series of trials that took place in the aftermath of the Battle of Sedgemoor which put an end to the Monmouth Rebellion.
The one-month suspension of "GE-nlE-k" was ordered by Istanbul assizes [[there is no English equivalent]] court No.
In this meeting the following legal rules of conduct or assizes were established: The mort d'ancestor (i.
Straffen, from Bath, appeared at Somerset Assizes in October 1951 charged with murdering two other schoolgirls - nine-year-old Cicely Batstone and six-year-old Brenda Goddard - but was found unfit to stand trial and sent to Broadmoor high-security hospital.
Fellow soldiers told an inquest at Oxford's Old Assizes how Cpl Pritchard, originally from Edinburgh, was in a Land Rover leading a four-vehicle convoy heading for Kuwait.
It is thought that a number of them could relate to the tale of Roland Jenks, who in 1577 was sentenced to be nailed by his ears to the local pillory for his allegiance to the Pope in a case known as the Black Assizes.
Convicted of manslaughter at the Liverpool assizes, he was sentenced to one day's imprisonment.
The month of special assizes, "Les Grands Jours de Poitiers," was set up because the wars of religion throughout Poitou had stalled the legal machinery of the capital city.
No report of the incident in question has been found but a list of prisoners for trial at the 1814 Lent Assizes for Hampshire, reported in the Hampshire Chronicle, included `James Baigen, for stabbing Stephen Mersh'.
On January 25, Martinsen was brought before the police court, where the prosecutor Mr Duder asked for the case to be sent to the assizes before the inquest had taken place.
The four challenged the judgment of the court of first instance at the Nicosia Assizes, citing errors of law and incorrect assessment of the facts.
1689: Death - in the Tower of London - of the despised Judge Jeffreys, who sentenced more than 300 to death at his bloody assizes.