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the formal product of a legislative or judicial body

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the regulation of weights and measures of articles offered for sale

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an ancient writ issued by a court of assize to the sheriff for the recovery of property

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Those handled by the Assizes are for cases that carry sentences of over five years.
The decision was read by the President of the Assize Court.
Real Deal WITH regards to the chairs, Jeffreys became known as "the hanging judge" for the part he played in the Bloody Assizes, the series of trials that took place in the aftermath of the Battle of Sedgemoor which put an end to the Monmouth Rebellion.
Assize court records are held at the National Archives in Kew.
In the Assize of Clarendon held in 1166 King Henry II began the process of restoration or the return of property to the descendants or to those original owners who had been deprived but were still alive.
In 1894, a top statistician from the French Ministry of Justice published a report that exposed a shocking increase in the rate of acquittal for cases tried by jury in French assize courts.
Wiener is concerned with homicide and rape and limits himself to trials in the Assize courts (replaced in the twentieth century by Crown courts).
The festival will also feature The Majoda Incident Trial, a dramatic recreation of the Lampeter Assize Court case of June 1945, when William Killick was charged with the attempted murder of Dylan Thomas and others following a bizarre shooting incident.
Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) lawyer Keriako Tobiko told the Commercial court that the order that was granted on 6 April by a Commissioner of Assize had almost brought operations at Kenyan airports to a halt, according to The Nation.
Containing a court of appeal, an assize court and two smaller tribunal courts, together with offices and ancillary facilities, the six-storey building is organised around a rhomboidal plan.
Taking his cue from a brief scene in which a clown is summarily sentenced to death by hanging, Barker pursues the evidence of "ordinary" violence - that which, like the clown's execution, happens offstage and outside of representation - in the assize records of death by hanging, torture, or prison conditions.
In Cyprus, however, the Assize Court on 21 December 2011, acquitted five defendants, (the above-mentioned five andAndreas Drakos, Executive Director of Helios) accused of manslaughter in connection with the fatal air crash.
At the Limerick summer assize in 1878 Justice Barry complained that "skull fracturing had become so frequent that people did not seem to mind it, and indeed he was informed that there was not a man in a certain part of the county who had not a fractured skull.
Because the case was being tried in the district court and not the Assize Court, the accused faced no more than up to five years' imprisonment.
Assize after assize, Mary Ann Street figures with conspicuous notoriety as the street crimes range from murder to robbery with violence and in each instance gross, systematic immorality is at the bottom of it.