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Rostov and the assistant went into the dark corridor.
But, just because the assistant evidently did not want him to go in, Rostov entered the soldiers' ward.
He shall be taken away- taken away at once," said the assistant hurriedly.
The assistant secretary wondered if Nobs still was with her, and then we both smiled at this tacit acceptance of the truth of the whole uncanny tale:
I suppose I'm a fool," remarked the assistant secretary; "but by George, I can't help believing it, and I can see that girl now, with the big Airedale at her side protecting her from the terrors of a million years ago.
The problem immediately before the Chief Inspector was that of managing the Assistant Commissioner of his department, his immediate superior.
At headquarters the Chief Inspector was admitted at once to the Assistant Commissioner's private room.
Besides, I knew that my assistant was a good man, and that he would see to anything that turned up.
He bowed me out of the room and I went home with my assistant, hardly knowing what to say or do, I was so pleased at my own good fortune.
Also, in spare moments, Collins, or his assistants, were for ever trying them out with all manner of tricks in the quest of special aptitudes on their parts.
Never will a jumping dog jump his hardest," Collins told his assistants, "unless he's made to.
His assistant broke his leg last night beneath your majesty's window -- the cry we heard was his -- and there is no executioner nearer at hand than Bristol.
The angry assistant superintendent was obviously disconcerted.
The assistant superintendent, still shaken by Raskolnikov's disrespect, still fuming and obviously anxious to keep up his wounded dignity, pounced on the unfortunate smart lady, who had been gazing at him ever since he came in with an exceedingly silly smile.
Meanwhile, the callous hands of Pierrat Torterue's assistants had bared that charming leg, that tiny foot, which had so often amazed the passers-by with their delicacy and beauty, in the squares of Paris.
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