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capable of taking (gas, light, or liquids) into a solution

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If anything, communities that have shown strength and resilience in the face of prolonged assimilatory efforts are likely to be extremely judicious in selecting only members who can demonstrate commitment to the indigenous social order, thus maintaining the inter-societal nature of Aboriginal rights.
When two vowels V1 V2 occur in sequence either within or across a domain, there is a distinct anticipatory bias in both elision and assimilatory processes: ".
The Israeli ministry of education applies assimilatory ideologies, and assumes that Hebrew should be the language of instruction, not Russian (Sever, 2004).
Such traits include enhanced nitrogen assimilatory and utilization capacities, faster and more vigorous growth, greater vegetative and reproductive yields, and enriched or altered nitrogen content in vegetative and reproductive parts.
Unless ethnicity is reflected in policies, diversity will be masked, best outcomes compromised, and an assimilatory approach fostered.
6) Simon Schwarzfuchs has argued, however, that even while rejecting the assimilatory impulse behind the Grand Sanhedrin, Zionism has nevertheless relied on its primary achievement--the separation of Jewish religious law from civil law.
These ditches are prolifically abundant in wetland plants, providing additional surface area for microbial interactions as well as acting in a small, yet important assimilatory capacity.
This means that a particular kind of organised violence--whether we call it cultural genocide or ethnocide--central to the assimilatory project of the modern state, is also integral to nation-building and state formation, so that 'every State organisation is ethnocidal, ethnocide is the States normal mode of existence' (Clastres 1988:56).
But is the assimilatory process fatally damaged as, for instance, American schools begin to recognize minority heroes and tell the stories of past discrimination?
Inhelder, Sinclair, and Bovet (1974) explain that a positive effect is obtained when an experimenter intervention is used, and that this happens because the intervention itself becomes an assimilatory instrument (i.
23) The courts thereby sent a clear message to immigrants: The rights enjoyed by white males could only be obtained through assimilatory behavior.
Growing up in the midst of a white-dominated culture, Pecola is eventually driven mad under severe assimilatory pressure.
The Boshniak Muslim population that settled outside of Bosnia is likely to be subjected to such pressures to assimilate or convert, and the minuscule number of Jews also appear in jeopardy from such powerful assimilatory processes.
Incommensurability as the negation of common ground and therefore of the very possibility of comparative relation is often evoked as a remedy to the excesses of normative or assimilatory comparison.