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capable of taking (gas, light, or liquids) into a solution

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Natives' rate of participation in assimilating activities was 1.
The most notable proponent of this viewpoint was anthropologist Manuel Gamio, who headed up a newly established government department charged with understanding and assimilating Indians.
The future mission of the military, Barnett insists, will be to expand the "core" by assimilating presently non-integrated nations into that global architecture.
The story of gays assimilating and becoming no different than straights has been replayed over and over in The Advocate.
Choosing to document a "scene" far removed from Goldin's own, Harlan reflects with real acuity on documentary, self-representation, and the position of the photographer: "Just as Goldin's friends are assimilating avant-garde movements of the past, these reenactors are assimilating the rebellious movements of their ancestors.
It meant that every program and policy of the American government, even in modern times, would be based on destroying the "old ways" as a way of assimilating us into the mainstream.
Brodie doesn't gloss over the downside and hardships of assimilating women into the macho culture of VMI.
Jews are assimilating into the American melting pot, much in the pattern of other immigrant groups.
Conversely, Northern painters and artisans often traveled to Italy, if seldom assimilating the outlook until the sixteenth century.
Mistaking a Latino consumer's change in behavior as being `assimilation' or, worse yet, `aspirational,' in a move to become more American would be like saying our love of sushi or yoga in the United States means Americans are assimilating to Asian and Indian cultures," Poza states.
Clusters of immigrants are learning that America is not as much about assimilating into an English-speaking world but into a diverse immigrant culture, where Koreans can speak Spanish - and vice versa.
These scholars often engaged their historical subjects directly and morally, questioning the genuine commitment of historical actors to the ongoing freedom struggle and criticizing some past black leaders for assimilating into a fundamentally corrupt and racist western caste system.