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La codification dans le sens entendu ici n'est pas veritablement assimilable a la compilation de textes telle celle realisee par Justinien (31).
The social space of the movie theater (a Cineplex is not a killing field) makes extremes seem assimilable, hence nonlethal.
By destabilizing reading practices that seek to conquer or master, a reader-centered work like Dictee calls attention to - rather than elides - all that is least assimilable about a reader's connection to a work, making it an integral part of what must be "read.
46% P2O5 phosphorus soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water that is assimilable
By the force of her personality and will, she has managed to transform herself from an unappetizing nobody into one of the shrewdest and least assimilable of cultural exegetes.
Contract awarded for Toilet service, removal and disposal of waste and solid waste residential assimilable
It is most important to mention that live yeast cells are high in coenzyme Q10 in a natural, easily assimilable form.
Consequently, from 1938 to 1965 Mexicans were "redefined" as brown and "not white"--and those processes evolved in relationship with Japanese and Chinese being redefined as hard working, unthreatening, assimilable "knowledge workers" necessary to a new economy.
Contract notice: Services of selection and enhancement of urban and special waste assimilable and other ancillary services at the facility etra spa of san giorgio of pertiche (pd).
Those youth who are perceived to be most reformable, but also assimilable, throughout the history of the system have been provided with interventions aimed at their integration and assimilation.
from Syria (2,276 annual births per 100,000 population) or Iraq, with a similar birthrate, 2,695 per 100,000 -- a more congruous and assimilable choice than trying to accommodate migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa.
Marnie safeguards and disguises herself, creating, as a result, a character that is less assimilable.
It was certainly also due to his increasing Russian nationalism, to which he felt, most, or many, Jews were not truly assimilable.
Selon le ministre-adjoint Christos Staikouras, cette operation assimilable a un debut de restructuration de dette, pourrait porter sur des obligations "d'une valeur d'environ 28 milliards d'euros" arrivant a maturite entre 2013 et 2016.
La Nature devint du don, un simple donne, facilement assimilable a un geant reservoir potentiellement infini destine a l'entrepreneur capitaliste depourvu de tout scrupule << pantheiste >> envers la nature.