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(law) the party to whom something is assigned (e

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Departure Services: the Supplier Shall Provide Assistance to the Assignee and Their Family to Ensure the Repatriation Goes as Smoothly as Possible.
In Revenue Ruling 77-137, a limited partner assigned his partnership interest to a third party, and the partnership agreement provided that the assignee did not become a substituted limited partner without the written consent of the general partners.
tax returns, the assignee would owe the employer the difference.
Even though the Wisconsin statute does not provide for defenses, it is recommended that a creditor create an ordinary course of business analysis as well as a new value analysis to show the receiver or assignee that continuing to do business with the debtor is proof that the creditor had no reason to believe the debtor was insolvent.
In TV7's own morning broadcast, Gen Atanas Atanasov, an MP from the Reformist Bloc heading the security committee in Parliament, said debts had to be "serviced" after all, but added it was interesting to know who assignees are working for, given that "a debt payment scheme has already been offered [by TV7's management].
This is because, in addition to requiring the EIP or that persons assignee to submit to an EUO, the PIP endorsement also obligates the EIP's representative to submit to an EUO.
108(4) allowed an assignee to conduct the business of the assignor for a limited period of time (up to 14 days) or longer upon notice.
Assignment agreements relating to assignment of rights (or receivables) are typically bilateral agreements between the assignor and the assignee with a notification sent to the debtor.
The assignment for the benefit of creditors statute, chapter 727 of the Florida Statutes, recognizes "administrative expenses" which the assignee must pay "[t]o the extent reasonable and necessary.
However, if an assignee is overseas, they may need to rely on someone else to help whilst they are unavailable.
Further, under the lease assignment many items of equipment will be transferred by Gelson's to the assignee and it also agreed to pay the assignee a lease assignment fee of USD1.
21 January 2011 - India's CARE said it set a provisional credit opinion equivalent to a AAA (SO) rating to the assignee payouts in the direct assignment of Construction Equipment (CE) loan receivables originated by Srei Equipment Finance Pvt Ltd.
Assignment involves the tenant transferring its lease to an assignee (the incoming tenant).
Thus, what the Donahue court wrote of minority shareholders in a closely held corporation would apply in spades to the assignee of an LLC member: "Although the [entity] form provides .