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legally transferable to the ownership of another

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The court found that the letter of credit fulfilled all of the Cowden standards required for realization when received: it was issued by a solvent maker, unconditional, assignable, and not subject to set-off.
Transition Safeguard is non assignable, irrevocable and non commutable.
It offers the only drum pad that knows exactly where it's hit and how hard, across seven assignable zones, with an immediate trigger delivering the fastest-traveling sound possible.
The i-Control features: intuitive navigation; large color touch screen interface; controls up to 4 bioreactors with features such as 8 mass flow controllers; up to 6 assignable pumps, 2 DO, 2 PH and 2 Temp; and the ability to use the same system to control autoclavable, disposable or SIP bioreactors (even CIP).
The panel has three independent partitions and 48 user codes, each with assignable authority levels.
The new software adds several features including "Long-Click" -- a completely new assignable Action; and "Eject Key" -- allowing PowerMate to function as an Eject Button.
1]fication of assignable sources of variation in a process is easier.
An Assignable Cause feature lets operators document the source of the upset.
The reduction is otherwise not assignable or transferable.
Contribution to profit is the difference between revenue and the directly assignable costs associated with doing business.
Conversion of 79,316 net assignable square feet of space in the "Y" Building on the CCNY campus into a new, $58.
The company's EAM systems and Threshold electronic access control systems are based on Electronic Signatures(R) technology which makes unique radio signals assignable to items or people.
Basically, this means the batches currently in production are running as usual, with no assignable causes of variation affecting the quality.
The members of the Election Committee shall not be entitled to any remuneration, however costs assignable to the work of the Election Committee, shall be borne by the Company after the resolution by the Election Committee.
Checkpoint's Electronic Article Merchandising(R) (EAM(R)) and Electronic Access Control systems are based on its Electronic Signatures(R) technology which makes unique radio signals assignable to items or people.