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  • verb

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insert a sibilant sound before or after (another sound)

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change into a sibilant

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Assibilating segment(s) Trigger(s) Example A /t (d)/ /i (j)/ Quebec French B /t (d)/ /j/ Romanian C /t/ /i (j)/ Hittite D /t/ /j/ Latin E none none Nhanda
Assibilating segment(s) Trigger(s) F /t (d)/ /i/ G /ti /i/ H /d/ /i (j)/ I /d/ /j/ J /d/ /i/
Note that Type Et is essentially a Type B language that also has a process assibilating /t/ before/i/.
46) Five additional nonoccurring language types: Assibilating Trigger(s) Illicit ranking required segment(s) a.