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Although the opportunity to lower taxes by transferring income-producing assets to children under 18 is curtailed by the kiddie tax, putting a child's funds in investments that produce little or no current taxable income can help avoid the tax; see RIA's Complete Analysis of the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005, [paragraph] 204.
The primary challenges in providing reverse logistics for retired high-tech assets are:
law has pointed out that equitable distribution does not mean equal, but he still awarded $20 million to Wendt's wife in hard assets.
141 (intangible asset identification upon acquisition) and 142 (annual intangible asset fair value measurement) require companies to measure and report on the financial performance of acquired intangible assets.
Generally assets are considered current if they can be converted into cash in the normal operations of the firm within the operating period.
The attention DAU is focusing on modularizing and integrating learning assets (see Learning Asset Integration), and cultivating a KS environment sets the stage for a more relevant and valuable learning experience for the community, tied to real-world issues.
The ABC Research Foundation's research team organizes intangible assets (goods and competencies) in three categories that correlate with the corporate bottom line: human capital (experiences and expertise of people who produce knowledge), relational capital (the connectivity and exchange process-knowledge production) and structural capital (organizational infrastructure that allows connectivity to take place--the knowledge production process enabler).
The market capitalization of the average company on the New York Stock Exchange is five times the value of the book assets.
A banking institution shall establish an allocated transfer risk reserve (ATRR) for specified international assets when required by the Board in accordance with this section.
As these companies' earnings have suffered, they have turned to the inherent value of their assets -- accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets -- to deliver the operational flexibility and borrowing power their cash flows can no longer command.
Third, there has been an increasing value placed on assets, certainly in the United States and Europe, reflecting high (and perhaps sometimes unrealistic) expectations, the end of the Cold War, the technology revolution and the easy availability of credit.
Once a department seizes assets, they must safeguard the property until they resolve all legal issues.
How the investment performance of an insurance company's assets stacks up to another company's performance can be an important element of the sales process.
Also fueling the explosive growth in the asset-preservation facet of elder law are efforts by the federal government to make it harder to shelter assets to qualify for Medicaid.
An alternative point of view is that managers take write-offs not to manipulate earnings, but to reflect declines in the values of assets due to poor firm performance and poor management decisions.