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How can the value of these intangible assets be reported?
However, this results in cash being tied up in relatively unproductive assets (additional inventory).
Since the intangible asset is licensed to an affiliate, it automatically has a value separate from goodwill.
B) The initial year's provision for the ATRR shall be ten percent of the principal amount of each specified international asset, or such greater or lesser percentage determined by the Federal banking agencies.
In addition, fixed assets (machinery, equipment, real estate) can be used to collateralize an asset-based loan.
The pivotal role of asset prices would not surprise economists who have studied the pre-World War II period.
Unfortunately, students projected to enter college in September 2008 may be in a financial aid trap, because income earned on asset dispositions in 2007 or 2008 is counted for financial aid purposes and subject to income tax.
Therefore, corporations are taking increasing responsibility for the permanent removal of information from retired hard drives by partnering with IT asset disposition solution providers.
Properly value the assets (critical in a merger or acquisition where the asset value appears on the balance sheet).
The period of ineligibility is calculated as follows: (1) Until the asset is returned; (2) the uncompensated value of the asset divided by the average monthly private pay rate for nursing home care; or (3) 30 months, whichever is less.
Consequently, management may tend to group assets inappropriately at times to avoid asset impairment write-offs.
Such efficiency and time savings add to the value of active asset management.
Asset Investors will retain a 30 percent ownership in Commercial Assets.
Developing an effective performance benchmark for managers of life insurance assets is not only possible, but it is also an invaluable exercise for the successful and prudent management of a life insurance company But creating effective benchmarks for evaluating performance and creating the appropriate incentives for asset managers can be a complex exercise for a life insurance company.