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capable of being assessed especially for the purpose of taxation

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capable of being considered carefully

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In other words, the PACE Act really has nothing to do with the assessable payments that may be due; it has to do with the coverage that small employers provide to their employees.
Even though its assessable revenue of $335 million was 22.
4980H-3; and set forth the assessable payment calculations at Prop.
Recognizing the difficulty of determining household income, the IRS has established three affordability safe harbors for the purpose of the assessable payment rule.
The controversy emerges with those disagreements about means that are, as Groll puts it, nonmedically assessable.
As wireless communication improves and more and more information is assessable via electronic means, workers are free to access their peers, files and the worldwide web from almost anywhere.
This guide is assessable enough to serve the general public as well as the more-informed reader.
Furthermore, these A-group banks and thrifts account for at least 98% of both BIF's and SAIF's assessable deposits.
The pages on the tax return will enable you to make the necessary disclosures to the Inland Revenue and to make your calculation of any amount assessable.
The scholarly journals that publish these studies are an easily assessable yet underutilized source of examples for the classroom.
Recently, there has been a reorganization in the office where businesses have assessable personal property and fixtures of at least $10 million are being given 'carte blanch' to get what they want as far as revisions in assessed values.
However, a reader may be frustrated by the fact that a variety of Stoic sources and analogues for specific passages are scattered through her text, so that the full weight of her evidence is not easily assessable.
All assessable insurers remit assessments directly to the trustee, bypassing the company entirely.
These funds cover the necessary increases in wastewater capacity and other costs not assessable to adjacent properties.
Whether an employer is subject to assessable payments under Sec.