assertiveness training

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a method of psychotherapy that reinforces you for stating negative and positive feelings directly

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It is also likely that assertiveness training for women with higher education is more effective than for less educated women as the firs group will accept and apply the results of such trainings more efficiently and this fosters higher personal and social adjustment in women with higher education than those with lower education.
Nurses need assertiveness training and more back bone.
These groups cover many areas including: drug and alcohol awareness, life skills, health awareness and education, yoga, expressive music and art sessions, guided imagery, assertiveness training, job-search skills, and relationship skills.
The class will teach coping skills including communication, assertiveness training and decision-making.
Durham County Council's Anti-Bullying Service (ABS) is teaming up with Kidscape to bring assertiveness training to children.
HUNDREDS of victims of playground bullies are to be given assertiveness training pioneered by a national charity.
Another form of behavioral treatment is assertiveness training.
To give yourself extra confidence, consider going on an assertiveness training course.
Although there's no known cure for stammering, the McGuire Programme teaches breathing techniques to help sufferers control their speech, as well as assertiveness training.
GOVERNMENTFUNDED assertiveness training courses for Muslim women are to be launched in a bid to counter Islamic radicalism, it was revealed today.
Responses to verbal abuse also varied in relation to the nurse's assertiveness, which is a finding suggesting that assertiveness training is a potential strategy for protecting employees against the effects of verbal abuse.
I believe that assertiveness training is a critical component for changing the system.
We run a programme called the Ace Club, which includes confidence- building, assertiveness training, stress management, job- seeking skills and much more.
Three bodies of work in the psychology of women that represent Showalter's imitation focus are the work on the motive to avoid success, research and theory on androgyny, and the early surge of assertiveness training for women.
Fergie's Treble Chance coupon might just come up, even if he needs the replay like he needs an assertiveness training course.