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in an assertive manner

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Brandt, a psychotherapist and anger management specialist, identifies eight keys to help general readers eliminate passive-aggressiveness in their relationships with partners, friends, colleagues, bosses, children, and others: recognize hidden anger, reconnect emotions to thoughts, listen to the body, set healthy boundaries, communicate assertively, reframe conflict, interact using mindfulness, and disable the enabler.
I recently read your article entitled "The black woman and the beauty myth" and was taken aback by how assertively the author professes to know the entire truth about why black women weave or bleach their skin.
Try it on its own at the end of the day or pair it with assertively flavored dishes like blackened sea scallops, a spicy green Thai curry or even -- and we know this is heresy -- steak au poivre.
Peach Eviction Services has found a way to accomplish this while assertively and quickly performing a set out for its clients.
Lord Winston, inset, - renowned for his research in the field of human fertility and the presenter of award-winning TV science documentaries - criticised assertively atheist scientists, such as Professor Richard Dawkins, whose books include The God Delusion.
I've formed my own production company, am dealing with things more assertively and generally I'm more happy with myself.
If the church hopes to attract and retain discerning young adults and young families, we need to assertively engage in abuse prevention, response and healing," says Little.
At the heart of the new corporate identity is the simplification of the name appearing as 'Qatar Chamber', complemented by multi-layered set of crescents, which forms the letter 'Q', assertively representing Qatar, in a dynamic wave, signifying the tides of growth lapping at Qatar's shores.
It provides for an engaging network of HR professionals, head hunters, consultancies, organizations and assertively any professional who seeks to climb high on his or her career.
We saw an opportunity to develop a simple innovative online service that allows business owners to assertively manage bad debtors.
Assertively attacking his rivals, Gandhi asked the people to make the choice between the looting regimes of the regional parties or the development-friendly Congress Party.
The last session of the workshop focused on preparing young people to share their ideas impressively and assertively.
The report, Turkey's Global Strategy, analyses the country's relations with neighbouring states to show how it has become more assertively influential in the region over the past decade as its economic, political and cultural power have all grown.
Using our tried and tested know-how, we look to employ customer service principles that help our clients assertively compete for a greater market share," he added.
In the image on the left, the devil is looking at the cup and saucer, the fork turns at a slight angle, and the tail curves more assertively behind the staff.