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Synonyms for assertable

capable of being affirmed or asserted


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For this to be assertable, we have to affirm 'S is true' is true has truth-conditions, and so, there must be, by TC, a condition, x such that x [?
However, with Putnam, I do think that Rorty's position is not coherently assertable.
Federal courts have established that children with serious emotional disturbances have a federal right to wraparound services, assertable under 42 U.
Our goal here is neither to quibble with the tenability of true, assertable contradictions nor, really, with the arguments for dialetheism.
Further, these rights are usually assertable against
The Web publisher ought not to be surprised when First Amendment protections are not assertable in Australia, Zimbabwe, or Great Britain.
According to Roe, the state had no assertable interest in a woman's decision to have an abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy.
43) The court somewhat snidely added that "[t]he Ninth Amendment, through its 'penumbra' or otherwise, embodies no legally assertable right to a healthful environment.
In other words, defendants have shown no prejudice, and therefore the violation of the Vienna Convention is of no avail to them, even if the violation is assertable by an individual detained person.