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Synonyms for assent

Synonyms for assent

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

the act or process of accepting

Synonyms for assent

agreement with a statement or proposal to do something

to agree or express agreement

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By reducing the delays in product development, for example, systems like the Assentive Solution improve the bottom line.
Companies interested in leveraging their existing business processes beyond the firewall -- cost-effectively and securely -- should consider integrating products from firms like Assentive into their content delivery strategy.
With Assentive, trading partners can securely exchange business-critical information with the simple push of a button, giving value chains the opportunity to implement small changes on a large scale--producing immediate and positive impact at low cost.
was selected over the competition, Assentive Vice President of Business Development David Opsahl noted the fact that Brava
Intellectual property concerns are very important to our customers and partners, particularly in the ASP arena, and we are proud to provide our technology to Assentive, as they are a leader in the field.
We are thrilled to be recognized by GM for our contribution to the success of the Virtual Factory Group and look forward to working with the company as this ground-breaking program continues to develop," said Chett Paulsen, Assentive president and chief operating officer.
Assentive Solutions provides infrastructure and applications that enable corporations to significantly reduce the cost of moving data among global organizations.
The Assentive Solutions Inner Circle Program is comprised of representatives from the automotive, energy, marine, diversified manufacturing and high-technology industries, encompassing enterprise-focused organizations, service providers who are implementing industry-wide solutions, and technology luminaries.