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a person who assents

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Researchers have developed a five-category model that they have termed The Five As in which different aspects of individual religious beliefs are combined and blended as follows: abiders, adapters, assenters, avoiders, and atheists (Pearce, Foster, & Halliday Hardie, 2013).
carry out an unlawful objective, and one or more assenters to execute an
Mosley-Jensen locates the climate change controversy between "two heterogeneous camps that have organized in support or opposition to the principle document on climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment report": assenters who agree with the report and dissenters who oppose the IPCC's findings (p.
To have a valid nomination a candidate has to have a proposer, seconder and eight assenters, all of whom have to be electors in the ward.
506) The coalition did garner at least tacit diplomatic acquiescence from one-fourth of the world's countries, but volitional support seems incongruent with the aid and benefits provided to assenters, the vehement popular opposition in most countries, and the fact that the U.