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a hall where many people can congregate

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The DAS installation at Assembly Hall consists of multiple strategically-placed antennas that distribute AT&T's wireless network coverage throughout the arena, providing for more efficient management of wireless capacity in heavily-trafficked areas.
AN UNPRECEDENTED deal to build a much-needed new assembly hall at a Penarth school is expected to be sanctioned this week.
I was under the impression all schools had to commence the day in assembly hall with teachers and children present for morning prayers.
A senior government official said two suicide bombers blew themselves up as a Peace Jirga meeting was in progress in an assembly hall in Mohmand.
He said the projects included construction of water reservoirs, desilting of irrigation channels, construction of a playground and construction of an assembly hall in the city.
A centre piece assembly hall will be fitted with tiered stadium style seating.
A Newcastle school raised more than pounds 100,000 in just over a year to build a new assembly hall.
We had to adjourn the House during a discussion regarding the noconfidence motion and things got uglier when we had to order marshals to forcibly escort some MLAs out of the assembly hall," Shastri said.
Summary: The life and achievements of late Lebanese Ambassador Nadim Dimechkie were remembered on Wednesday evening at a memorial ceremony at the American University of Beirut's Assembly Hall.
They said PTI Chief Imran Khan on one side was raising slogans against horse trading but on the other hand his members tried to take away ballot papers out from assembly hall that was declared polling station for the senate election by ECP.
Tenders are invited for providing improvements to existing computer wiring and boards in the main assembly hall in the p/o telegana state legislative assembly, hyderabad.
Cemil Ecicek gave the inauguration speech; and following Ecicek's speech Abdullah GE-l arrived in the General Assembly hall.
Madam Speaker passed these orders when the dismal condition of this antique portrait of the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, currently placed in the former National Assembly Hall at the State Bank Building was brought into the notice of Madam Speaker.
Less than an hour before flames engulfed the newly refurbished assembly hall, dozens of youngsters had been inside for orchestra rehearsals.
Followers of controversial banned US preacher Fred Phelps have threatened to protest outside the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh this week.
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