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Synonyms for assemblage

Synonyms for assemblage

Synonyms for assemblage

a system of components assembled together for a particular purpose


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several things grouped together or considered as a whole

References in classic literature ?
Influenced by the impression I had received of his gentleness, I was a good deal surprised when, on arriving the next day at my new employer's house, and being admitted to a first view of what was to be the sphere of my future labours, namely the large, lofty, and well lighted schoolrooms, I beheld a numerous assemblage of pupils, boys of course, whose collective appearance showed all the signs of a full, flourishing, and well-disciplined seminary.
The procession has not started yet, but is waiting for the cause of its assemblage to be brought out.
Instantly a great cheer swelled from the throats of the assemblage of the masses.
roared the assemblage, electrified by their president's words.
The colleges are ancient and picturesque; the streets are almost magnificent; and the lovely Isis, which flows beside it through meadows of exquisite verdure, is spread forth into a placid expanse of waters, which reflects its majestic assemblage of towers, and spires, and domes, embosomed among aged trees.
Did I see in this public body an assemblage of men, bound together in the sacred names of Liberty and Freedom, and so asserting the chaste dignity of those twin goddesses, in all their discussions, as to exalt at once the Eternal Principles to which their names are given, and their own character and the character of their countrymen, in the admiring eyes of the whole world?
The greater portion of this assemblage were rather asserting their supremacy than doing anything else, as they had no particular business there, that anybody knew of.
Colonel Wugsby, and all the great people, and all the morning water-drinkers, met in grand assemblage.
Through all this motley assemblage, threading her way with the skill of an accomplished rider, there galloped Lucy Ferrier, her fair face flushed with the exercise and her long chestnut hair floating out behind her.
Now as the rival companies keep a vigilant eye upon each other, and are anxious to discover each other's plans and movements, they generally contrive to hold their annual assemblages at no great distance apart.
apply media, techniques and processes with sufficient skill, confidence and sensitivity that one's intentions are carried out in the assemblage.
Abstract--Fjord estuaries are common along the northeast Pacific coastline, but little information is available on fish assemblage structure and its spatiotemporal variability.
how agency is always an assemblage of microbes, animals, plants, chemicals, word-sounds, and the like--indeed, that insofar as anything "acts" at all, it has already entered an agentic assemblage' (121).
13, Bailey (3), and Schumaker (2), the Turtle Butte Assemblage was determined to be late early Arikareean in age.
We experimentally determined the interactive effect of the occurrence of the long-spine sea urchin, Diadema antillarum, depth and sedimentation levels on macroalgal assemblage structure on eastern Atlantic rocky reefs.