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General Accounting Office (GAO) issued a report assailing the Department of Defense for its porous defense of information and computer systems.
For 50 years, doctors have been assailing bacteria with the best antimicrobials science can devise, but the bugs have shown a remarkable ability to adapt to the onslaught.
Plaintiffs have engaged in professional misconduct by assailing the Court itself.
The would-be seducers drown the poor women in a sea of banalities, and the audience erupts in little psychodramas, shouting and assailing each other, saying horrible things.
The rally was decidedly anti-Canadian with speakers assailing the U.
In the late 1970s, the Religious Right began assailing the concept of church-state separation.
They had been assailing a microphone with such "instruments" as an aerosol spray can and a swath of popping bubble wrap, among others.
In a radio commentary beamed into millions of homes via thousands of local stations that carry his Christian programs, Dobson sprang into action by assailing the columnist, Deborah Mathis of Gannett News Service, and urged his listeners to phone her in protest.
Reduced credit quality among corporate borrowers is the third element in what the article describes as "the now-familiar trinity of woes" assailing life insurers.
In the third season's third episode, he's crudely assailing his wife's (Cheryl Hines) grunts while they play tennis and .
In August Dobson struck again, assailing yet another American institution: The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).
Assailing recent biographers ``who choose to judge this great artist, born into another age and another culture, by the light of today's cant,'' Richardson writes that Picasso, in his view, ``was as much sinned against as sinning,'' at least in these early years.
One critic successfully introduced a plank in the state's Republican Party platform assailing ``the encroachment of socialism'' in 4-H.
While repeatedly assailing Clinton for alleged pandering to special interests, Perot also focused on the twin issues of federal budget and trade deficits.
But Tuesday's remarks seemed more searing, and they came two days after Dole said in a nationally televised debate that he had been careful about assailing the president's character.