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  • adj

Synonyms for assailable

open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection

Synonyms for assailable

not defended or capable of being defended

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If developments after the survey was conducted alter perceptions about the specific issue or topic, the validity of the response is clearly assailable.
FIRST WAVE : Sailing, assailing, and as they do not sail over the edge, the world is round and assailable.
The opportunities will not be easily realized and will be assailable from every quarter.
A harsh ice shelf that, close up, is sugar coated and readily assailable.
Each article in the Web log provides a synopsis of a source, an example of the information assailable from the source, and a critical commentary about the value of the information available from the source.
The Russians did not expect a German counterattack on 8 December and did not establish security, offering the Germans an assailable flank.
If you, or, if we read Nietzsche, we acquire a solid basis for understanding him and we get the courage to read what he has read, because we know that we are dealing with philosophers and their assailable assumptions.
A secondary reporting concern is whether the failure to disclose a potentially assailable gift tax annual exclusion might somehow put into question the closing of the gift tax statute of limitation.
Ponting accepted his recent failures after England took an assailable 2-1 lead in the Ashes series.
315) Even after considering these differences between online and traditional poker, the contention that online poker still deserves a UIGEA exemption is further assailable when one evaluates the potential "gateway" nature of the activity.
With Mr Thomas refusing to budge in Carmarthen, would Neath, where Labour's hardly dynamic Gwenda Thomas has an assailable 1,944 majority, be the best bet?
Contrary to his apparent intention in the 1980s to use Islamisation to fire up the Malays as economic strivers, what Dr Mahathir has in fact bequeathed is a much less assailable structure of Islamic law which guards their religious solidarity as a race at the cost of the non-collective, individual freedom which was also guaranteed by the 1957 Constitution but is now under the international spotlight where encroachments come into conflict with universal human rights.
The champagne had been on ice in the dressing-room before the Fifers won 3-0 at East Stirling to open up an assailable lead, when one of the players brought out the bubbly to spray F1-style over the travelling support.
With the cause appearing to be an unassailable target--chance, the humour of Pluto himself--the community's anger is displaced onto assailable targets, and the fires of bereavement rage as the mourners would, if they could.
GREAT Britain wrapped up a first series win for 14 years with a 44-0 win over New Zealand at the KC Stadium to take an assailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series.