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a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage

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There should be some sort of weight factor for crank comments and evaluations by disgruntled attorneys, say a certain percentage for overbroad ass-kissers at the top end, and sore losers on the bottom.
When Freud came to New York in 1909 LaBas sought him out to teach him The Work; but he couldn't gain entrance to the hotel suite, which was blocked by ass-kissers, sycophants, similar to those who were to surround Hitler and Stalin later, telling the "Master" what they wanted him to hear and screening all alien material meant for their master's attention.
Ireland, hardly for the first time, is envisioned as a "priest-ridden, second-rate" land populated by ass-kissers -- including Dad himself, who actually indulges in the act in one of several extended passages that may make those with more delicate constitutions wince.