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a condition in which insufficient or no oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged on a ventilatory basis

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The observations that a diversity of antioxidant compounds can protect the cochlea, at least partly, either against high-level noise exposures or against combined exposures to moderate noise and chemicals, drugs, or asphyxiants strongly suggest that all these conditions share common mechanisms and are therefore susceptible to being treated with the same compounds.
It covers emergency treatment for poisoning by a wide variety of agents, including acetaminophen, alcohols and glycols, antiarrhythmic agents, anticonvulsants, antihypertensives, antimicrobials, antipsychotics, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, corrosives, cocaine, digitalis, heavy metal, hydrocarbons, iron, local anesthetics, neuromuscular blockers, NSAIDs, opioids, sedatives and systematic asphyxiants.
Et les vieux Francais, qu'on a empoisonnes avec des gaz asphyxiants, a l'allemande durant un siecle sont assez idiots ou assez pleutres pour ne pas rendre a l'ennemi la monnaie de sa piece
Among the inhaled toxins are the asphyxiants, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and methane, which displace oxygen.