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any of various chiefly Mediterranean plants of the genera Asphodeline and Asphodelus having linear leaves and racemes of white or pink or yellow flowers

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s work identifies these institutionally "revered beliefs and values" with a patriarchal tradition, images and ideas of museums also enabled her to negotiate identity against this precedent: in Asphodel, Hermione's sense of self and embodied responses, and in Trilogy, a particularly gendered artistic identity.
the Asphodel Meadows: you are ordinary--the legend's refrain
Sopha'd on silk, amid her charm-built towers, Her meads of asphodel, and amaranth bowers, Where Sleep and Silence guard the soft abodes, In sullen apathy PAPAVER nods.
He had been indicted along with Jim Lowell of the Asphodel Book Shop--the only place in Cleveland that stocked Levy's poetry and the many books, magazines, and newspapers produced by small presses.
Zara, the daughter of Benedict, Archmage of Asphodel, is a member of an elite group who believe that magic holds supreme and who are prepared to enslave and oppress those who are non-members, known as the kine.
Ramsay's beauty, he initially compares her to a Greek goddess: "The Graces assembling seemed to have joined hands in meadows of asphodel to compose that face," he thinks.
This is a very good transposition of the "cheerless" Asphodel Fields (Graves 120-1) and, although we do not see any wandering soul of the dead, director Liebesman seems to follow Homer's words when characterizing this environment as a "gloomy land" remote from the sunlight, where even great warriors such as Achilles do not want to reside (325).
Understory includes several astragalus species, as well as gopher plant (Euphorbia rigida), asphodel (Asphodeline taurica) and barberry (Berberis crataegina).
The others languished for decades: HERmione, finished in 1927, but published in 1981; Paint It Today, finished in 1921, published in 1992; Asphodel, finished in 1927, but published in 1992; and Bid Me to Live, written during the decades after the Great War but published in 1960, shortly before H.
Staff was authorized to purchase a stock unit rescue response vehicle from Asphodel Fire Trucks Ltd.
Asphodel are arising from their winter graves, ghostly white and waving in the warm breeze.
s respective 'war novels', Jacob's Room (1922) and Asphodel (1922), both of which were written between 1921 and 1922.
The positive effect of GA, in particular the 50 mg/l concentration found in this study, on the speed and percentage of germination in sunflower is in line with the results obtained in asphodel (Rahmanpour.
The enigmatic little rare moth called Weaver's Wave can be seen again basking on the quartz-rich rocks, and the starry saxifrage and bog asphodel flower in the mossy runnels.
When the asphodel plants were not available, the hermits ate wild onion, which were bitter and could be eaten if boiled.