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Synonyms for asperity

Synonyms for asperity

something that obstructs progress and requires great effort to overcome

Synonyms for asperity

harshness of manner


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According to molecular mechanics theory of friction, the mechanical component of the friction force can be considered the force which is required to penetrate the surface layer of a solid body with infiltrated micro asperities (Dmitriyev et al.
Synergus filicornis: mature larva: Spiracle showing the atrium (a) with asperities (as), closing apparatus (ca), and beginning of the trachea (t), with detail of mesothoracic [2c (under SEM), peritreme -see arrow-], metathoracic (2a, under SEM) and abdominal [2b (under SEM), first segment] spiracles.
These findings provide additional evidence that membrane's surface asperities and their geometric arrangement are contributing to the adhesion properties.
The polishing pad forms additional polymeric polishing asperities from the polymeric matrix with wear or conditioning of the top polishing surface.
The system studied in our experiments involves encounters and interactions between flowing particles of radius 50 nm with a few scattered asperities that can protrude about 600 nm from the zero-slip plane of the membrane.
Thus, the scratches made on vehicles must be made by asperities of the same approximate size as the tips used during macro-scratching.
c]), both the minimum and the maximum asperities approach the width equal to the profile characteristic length, [L.
The main cause of the initiation consists in metal-to-metal contact of asperities or defects due to low lubricant film thickness.
However, because of the asperities at the interface, the local stress on the asperities was much higher than the applied stress.
However, some evidence of the smoothening of the asperities is still detectable.
a], changes depending on the shape of surface asperities as described by [Alpha].
1) two situations: a) when the tool axis is perpendicular on the plane of the feed motion, the asperities generated by each tool tooth are intersected (fig.
When a solid is dragged over a metal surface, adhesion of the polymer to the surface asperities occurs (10).
The random occurrence of these bounces could be due to brief contacts of PMMA particular asperities [18].