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Synonyms for asperity

Synonyms for asperity

something that obstructs progress and requires great effort to overcome

Synonyms for asperity

harshness of manner


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Recently, some researchers managed to compute normal contact stiffness by using microscope property of asperities.
Assuming that friction is determined by real contact area between asperities [11], a lower modulus of the plastic increases the true contact area and thereby the coefficient of friction.
The high adhesion found in this samples is also attributed to the hydrophobic asperities on their surfaces.
Thus, for the optical glass elements it is possible to reduce the height of the residual asperities on the surface in 5 .
Regarding the cause of asperities, several factors have been studied to explain the reason why these zones show a stick-slip behavior.
The size of MG 63 being fairly larger than the bacteria, the cells could have stretched over the asperities for their attachment.
2013) Large nucleation before large earthquakes is sometimes skipped due to cascade-up-Implications from a rate and state simulation of faults with hierarchical asperities.
According to molecular mechanics theory of friction, the mechanical component of the friction force can be considered the force which is required to penetrate the surface layer of a solid body with infiltrated micro asperities (Dmitriyev et al.
4b); spiracles with peritreme, asperities differentiated and closing apparatus adjacent to atrium (Fig.
Figure 2 shows the asperities of the surface captured in AFM has different feature distinctly for this two surface categories.
This also acts as a binder that combines with surface debris to form a paste, which then fills any surface asperities in an unsealed asphalt parking lot surface.
The tubes or needles on the surface should be high enough, relatively speaking, to resist the capillary waves, while nanobumps on those needles, or asperities, prevent nanodroplets of water from filing the valleys between them.
The experiments show that when two fault surfaces slide against other at fast slip rates, the asperities may reach temperatures in excess of 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, lowering their friction, the scientists write in a paper published in Science.
For constant slip we have again two asperities, this time situated on two approximately perpendicular vertical planes.
Of course, not all of the abrasive particles impact strictly on the top of each asperities of a pyramidal shape.