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severe respiratory disease of birds that takes the form of an acute rapidly fatal pneumonia in young chickens and turkeys

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an opportunistic infection by a fungus of the genus Aspergillus

disease especially in agricultural workers caused by inhalation of Aspergillus spores causing lumps in skin and ears and respiratory organs

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SECURE is the pivotal study on which the registration for the invasive aspergillosis indication for CRESEMBA was based.
Of the 195 cases with invasive aspergillosis, azole resistance was documented in 10 (5.
The safety and efficacy profile of CRESEMBA in patients with invasive aspergillosis and invasive mucormycosis was demonstrated based on data from the CRESEMBA development program.
Based on the limited available data, however, voriconazole appears to have superior pericardial penetration compared with other agents, and current treatment guidelines favor this agent in the treatment of invasive aspergillosis (12-15).
Our search of the literature yielded only a few reports of primary aspergillosis of the larynx in immunocompetent patients.
The effects of antifungal therapy on severe asthma with fungal sensitization and allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.
Many studies have associated the occurrence of post-operative aspergillosis with the dissemination of Aspergillus spores in the operating room, but contamination from paranasal sinuses, bronchopulmonary lesions, hematogenous dissemination, and contaminated grafts are also possible (15).
The invasive form of aspergillosis possesses high morbidity and mortality rates even in immunocompetent patients.
Scientists found that injecting mice with the microbial leavening agent protected them against the deadly fungal disease aspergillosis.
Washington, Aug 10 (ANI): A new study has found that simple baker's yeast protects against the fatal fungal infection, aspergillosis, when injected in mice.
She had been on the waiting list for more than a year and was accepted for transplant only because the hospital also houses the National Aspergillosis Centre, which specialises in treating the condition.
Leftover bread can turn mouldy, there is no nutritional value, and it can cause aspergillosis, which is fatal to ducks.
She was diagnosed with the rare disease aspergillosis - known as farmer's lung.