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20 aspers equal 1 kurus in Turkey

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Asper is optimistic that the company can land an acquisition in the highly desirable and potentially profitable British broadcast market.
Notice, the term "Heimlich maneuver," has not been used here, even though that's what Asper would call what he'd just done.
Those wanting a closer look at Asper and a book with more insider texture might read Peter C.
Estimacion poblacional para la especie Bothrops asper en los relictos de bosque tropical alternohigrico presentes en el centro-occidente del Departamento del Atlantico.
Asper spent his final two decades in a binge of deal-making that earned him the reputation for tweaking every deal to its last decimal point .
With some justice therefore, Graham Fraser of the Star deplored the disharmony which the Aspers have created in their newspapers, claiming that they do not understand newspaper traditions.
Asper said all the rotation can lead to some unintentional comedy in the offensive line's meeting room.
Camilleri for his contributions over his three year tenure with the Company, and wish him well in his future endeavours," said Leonard Asper, CanWest's President and Chief Executive Officer.
Tenders are invited for Distillation Appratus For Petroleum Products Asper Is: 1448/ Part 18/ 1991.
But Asper was asked the other day what he thought about Karrington Armstrong and Hroniss Grasu, the guys competing this spring to start at center for Oregon.
Asper was asked if he had performed the Heimlich before.
This unusual critter is a Morimus Asper beetle, possibly the only one in the UK, and experts say his days are numbered if he doesn't breed.
She quoted Leonard Asper as saying, "Our company is in the business of selling advertising" -- something Conrad Black would never have said.
She will be accepting the 2009 Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship presented by Brandeis International Business School.