asparagus pea

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sprawling European annual having a 4-winged edible pod

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Radishes are ready for harvesting in six weeks, kohlrabi and globe beetroot in eight, lettuce in nine, carrots in ten, spinach eleven, endive and asparagus peas in twelve.
Although they're not true beans or peas, they are also called asparagus peas and winged beans.
Wong has managed to grow wasabi, cocktail kiwi - a pintsized, fuzz-free version of the original - along with asparagus peas, dahlia yams and callaloo, a Caribbean spinach, on his urban plot.
Other attractions at the event in Allesley Park walled garden next Saturday include samples of unusual vegetables such as a 400-year-old variety of asparagus peas, and Hamburg parsley, introduced in the 1720s.
Sow asparagus peas, winter cabbage and maincrop peas.