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antineoplastic drug (trade name Elspar) sometimes used to treat lymphoblastic leukemia

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The research team further discovered that asparaginase, a widely-used chemotherapeutic agent, arrests GAS growth in human blood and in an animal model of human bacteremia, thus suggesting the potential use of asparaginase as a new therapeutic agent against GAS.
Novozymes now brings to you Acrylaway[R] HighT, a new asparaginase designed to reduce the formation of acrylamide in food products such as breakfast cereals that are manufactured at very high temperatures.
On the other hand, tests performed on chilled fries, which were not par-fried, but pre-treated with asparaginase, were very successful.
Many microbial asparaginase has been isolated including those from bacteria [1], yeasts and some from fungi [7,8,9].
The researchers believe that this may be because of the asparaginase in the Capizzi regimen and because another chemotherapy drug, leucovorin, is used as a rescue therapy to help prevent common side effects associated with high doses of methotrexate (e.
On the other hand, tests performed on chilled fries (not par-fried) pre-treated with asparaginase were very successful.
The augmented BFM regimen popularized in trials of young children involves near-toxic doses of methotrexate, twice the usual doses of vincristine and steroids, and three times as much asparaginase as used in the standard BFM protocol.
AIBioTech[TM] is pleased to announce implementation of a new laboratory derived testto measure L-asparaginase levels in patients being treated with any of the current asparaginase drugs including: Oncaspar[R], Kidrolase[R], Erwinaze[TM], and Elspar[R].
niger AK10 asparaginase was produced by solid substrate cultivation, purified and determined for general properties which provided useful data for the future use of the enzyme.
The invention provides ways for inducing and stabilizing nitrile hydratase activity, amidase activity and asparaginase I activity.
Under the terms of this new legislation, the pioneering asparaginase enzyme solution is authorised as a processing aid in all general food applications in China.
In rare cases, newborns may also suffer hyperammonemia attributable to other pathologies (6), such as organic acidemias, fatty acid oxidation disorders, congenital lactic acidosis, lysinuric protein intolerance, hepatic or renal dysfunction, Reye syndrome, certain drugs (valproate, asparaginase, fluorouracil), transient hyperammonemia in newborn, and perinatal asphyxia.
The bulk of the work consists of reviews of the characteristics and uses of the different types of drugs and chemical and biological agents important to the field, including antifolates, cytidine analogues, purine antimetabolites, bleomycin, antitumor antibiotics, asparaginase, bisphosphonates, inhibitors of tumor angiogenesis, interferons, and interleukins, to cite a few.
The following drugs may decrease the effectiveness of insulin, resulting in hyperglycemia: acetazolamide, albuterol, asparaginase, calcitonin, corticosteroids, cyclophosphamide, danazol, dextrothyroxine, diazoxide, diltiazem, diuretics, dobutamine, epinephrine, estrogens, ethacrynic acid, HIV antivirals, isoniazid, lithium, morphine, niacin, oral contraceptives, phenothiazines, phenytoin, somatropin, terbutaline, thiazide diuretics, and thyroid supplements.