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the price at which something is offered for sale

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Miles Shipside, Rightmove director and housing market analyst, said: "While it is the norm for new sellers' asking prices to be buoyant at the start of a new year, this first complete month in 2018 is seeing more pricing optimism than the comparable period in 2017.
Looking regionally, properties in the South East of England are selling closest to the asking price - at 3.
Rightmove said that if London was removed from the figures, asking prices across Wales and England - the area covered by its index - would have seen a smaller average fall of 0.
The average price tag on a home is now PS317,281 - marking the second month in a row that asking prices have hit a new record level.
THERE'S good news for homebuyers looking for a bargain, as over a quarter of homes in Birmingham have had their asking price reduced.
More than 39% of homes sold in Blackwood, near Caerphilly, have had their original asking price reduced, with the average discount standing at more than PS12,500, Zoopla found.
No region across England and Wales has seen average asking prices fall over the last year The smallest percentage increase was in Wales, where average asking prices edged up by 0.
It is also the fifth quarter in a row that property prices in the capital have risen, making the average asking price [euro]255,000.
Across England and Wales, sellers' asking prices are now 6.
The August report also found that asking prices jumped by more than 20 percent in 13 of the 100 largest metro markets.
For its monthly assessment of the market, Rightmove measured 106,576 asking prices which it says represents approximately 90% of the UK market.
HOUSE asking prices have fallen for the first time this year as the number of unsold properties on estate agents' books reaches record levels, a report reveals today.
Summary: House sellers slashed asking prices by 3 per cent during the past month in the worst December performance for three years.
Now, with plenty of supply and falling prices, sellers are lowering asking prices and scurrying to doll up their homes to lure buyers who are comfortably back in the saddle and using their newfound leverage to take revenge.
But sellers are apparently confident that these fears have ebbed, and in their wake some sky-high asking prices are on the table.