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5 : to behave as if seeking a result <You're asking for trouble.
So this holiday season we are asking you in the valleynews.
If you're asking them to sign your board then it's mandatory that the board you are asking them to sign is not a board that is manufactured by the company that is throwing the demo.
Maybe people will actually start asking and telling.
For decades, Thomas could be seen sitting in the front row during Presidential press conferences, often asking the first question.
The story of the merciful Samaritan is a good place to examine nearness, for it deals with asking the right question in order to understand faithfulness.
Introducing yourself, asking permission to sit (not on the patient's bed, of course) sends this message.
Other employers may feel justified in asking certain questions to protect their business interests.
Kathleen then elicited more responses by asking, "Are there any other ways?
These factors can be placed into four broad categories: the characteristics of the subject giving the consent, the environment in which the consent is given, the actions taken or statements made by the subject giving the consent, and the actions taken or statements made by law enforcement officers during the course of asking for consent to search.
It's useless asking someone who doesn't have the means or the influence to help you get what you want.
I began by asking Chris (he treated the students as his equals--we always called him Chris) about his first day of class when he blew the students away with the legendary attendance vote.