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So he asked around and found that many African-Americans and Latinos had been treated the same way by Natali.
THE question being asked around Rossett Park at the moment is whether Roly Howard has recently broken a mirror.
That was the question being asked around the Assembly this week, with the release of the South Wales West member's latest instalment of his diary.
Mr Robin Cook, a spokesman for the circus, said: "We have been to a few cobblers near Battersea and asked around, but the problem is you are looking for a needle in a haystack.
That's a question frequently being asked around town.
The clinic asked around 60 healthy men between 19 and 24 years old living in the Osaka area about their lifestyle, in particular about their daily diet and clothing, between May and October.
Series of questions were asked around current topics of interest to pharmacists.
It's a simple thing to think - we asked around the Mirror offices what price Tottenham to finish top London club and a few answers came back .
The society last week had asked around 700 members to stop going out to sea until further notice in protest at fishing zone restrictions.
I have asked around and no one has ever known of badgers fighting in such a way.
He asked around local theatres for interviewees and managed to get a five-minute slot with Cliff Richard in 1976.