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a receptacle for the ash from smokers' cigars or cigarettes

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Smoking is also becoming more and more anti-social, and I'm urging as many of you as possible to stub out those cigarettes now and send in you ashtray today.
These pictures do indeed show the same ashtray and candle holder, the only difference is that the photo where the ashtray is pink and the candle holder a brownish amber was taken by daylight, while the second picture was taken under artificial light.
The ashtray is classic 1960s vintage Beswick - another great British pottery - and is probably the most popular Babycham collectable.
Mr Williams took photos of an ashtray full of smoked cigarettes on his mum's window sill last month.
It smashed, then he picked up an ashtray which hit the mirrored pillar and a bit of the mirror cut the DJ on his left cheek,' he said.
But now the decorative ashtray is being auctioned by 19-year-old Ian Thompson, who was given it by his dad.
NO BUTTS: The bird wings its way into the ashtray nest, which is now off limits
Not that that will make a blind bit of difference to the litter problem -- anyone sociable enough to carry around and actually use a portable ashtray probably already disposes of their butts in a responsible manner.
July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- As automobile ashtrays become obsolete with the models of the new millennium, a new environmentally-friendly portable ashtray may be the best alternative for flicking butts out of the window.
A BUDDING professional footballer from the Black Country has avoided prison after he smashed a glass ashtray over a man's head in a pub.
A nightclub worker was left with a fractured cheekbone after he was hit with a glass ashtray.
SMOKERS at a toolmakers thought they were hearing things when bird song started filtering through an ashtray.
A SWINGER who hit his boss on the head with a glass ashtray at an office Christmas party avoided jail yesterday.
Swansea has been slammed as 'an ashtray of a place' in a new travel guide published today.
From Back2My Place we found a cute nut cracking bowl for pounds 45BEFORE the days of Habitat and, even more recently, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, you'd have to search long and hard for any present for the home which wasn't an ashtray, vase or from a craft shop.